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Frustrated86;27646 wrote: Good morning,

The one and only time I did the candida diet I went cold turkey with the coffee. My mornings were horrible! I’m not addicted to coffee by any means but I love my morning cup to get me going and the occasional late morning cup at work. This time around I am thinking of replacing my coffee with the allowed types of teas. Has anyone found that the teas still help with waking up in the morning even though they are caffine free? I can do the diet and stick with it but the one thing I find to be horrible is being deprived of my morning coffee that gets me going for work 🙁

I am curious about fennel tea as well. Does anyone know if this is on the “allowed list”? I saw licorice tea on the list so I think that might be considered the same?

Thanks 🙂

Hi I have been drinking green matcha and it has helped me a lot and it’s high in antioxidants among other things, I found interesting blogs below, best luck finding what works for you!!!

“Really interesting is green tea, which does contain caffeine but which is not a fast sugar the way it is in coffee. It gets even better: although even slow sugars are bad for you when not taken in moderation, there’s a substance in green tea which “eats” excess glucose in your blood. This way you get all the health benefits from caffeine without the glucose elevating properties of caffeine in coffee”