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impossible;52328 wrote: SAMe is the bodies major methyl donor and is one of the major “end products” of the methylaton cycle. It is also a source of methionine. Its uses in the body are wide and varied, too much to list, read up on it. Its important stuff. If it helped, you dont have any side effects, and you dont have an elevated homocysteine level, it might not be a bad idea to keep taking it. I dont recommend to anyone to just start using it though.

Thanks impossible, I have taken SAMe for many years but really should have my homocysteine level checked, I thought it was high once but I might be thinking of Fibrinogen that was high before but it came into normal when I lost weight. I also have an elevated CRP C-Reactive Protein at 5.0 I don’t like that. CRP was high in the past then normal when I was vegetarian and vegan but since I’ve gone back to Paleo diet it has been higher again. Might be dental issues. Doc’s don’t like it since they say it is a non specific marker.

I was just considering dropping SAMe when the DO Doc I went too just days ago asked me to up my dose from 400 mg daily to 800 mg and slowing work up to 1600 but I am already feeling stomach upset at 800 mg.

Do you think stomach upset is a sign I don’t need to be on it?

I’ve been taking since Sept of this year after laying off for about a year– prior I took it about 5 years straight always at one 400 mg tablet a day.