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landfillheart wrote: Hello all,
I recently ceased the candida diet after only three weeks (I now know that was definitely no where near enough time to determine how well it was working). One of the main reasons I gave it a try was that I experience debilitating brain fog every day, and have for about five years now. I’ve had every medical test any doctor could think of and they all came back negative except for slightly low thyroid levels which has since miraculously cured itself somehow. I did the cleanse and felt awful so I’m thinking if I go back on the diet, I may skip the cleanse because it’s very draining with school and a job.

Anyways, the big reason I stopped the diet was that even when I ate the foods suggested, my brain fog became much worse shortly after each meal. I don’t know if that’s just something that happens on the diet, but it seems counter-intuitive to me. My meal was usually chicken which I had cooked in olive oil with some spices like curry powder and garlic salt. I would usually have an egg for breakfast and some almonds or other nuts throughout the day, so my question is, do I need to be more strict with the diet the second time around and perhaps forgo the spices and nuts? Or do I just need to give it more time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Hi mate,
have you been tested and do you know for sure that you have candida? If not you should too consider other causes. If you have a brain fog right after eating. If I would be you I would start a food diary and write down how I feel before and after.
What you descripe can be too reactive hypoglycemia. There are very good diets out there where you can run a some weeks test and see if you feel better.

You too could have some food intolerances too BUT you too can have candida. I would cut ready made curry power out of you diet because it can contain yeast, or MSG too. Make your own instead.

There are so many different options why you feel like you do. You have to be systematic about it and test one thing after the other.

But lets assume you have candida. Then you should know that brain fog is a typical die -off sign and so is feeding candida. You will have to stick tight to the diet here and the protocol for some month. This is very demanding and you should make sure before that you stick with it. I would suggest that you let yourself test if you really have candida, food intolerances or reactive Hypoglycemia or something else.