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not4sakn;53161 wrote: First, I would like to ask how common is it to suffer from candida and none of the symptoms be stomach related by all neurological or neck and joint pain? Can one only suffer from headaches, brain fog, neck pain, and never have stomach issues from overgrowth?

Also, how common are heart palpitations with candida? My palpitations are in my head. I literally feel, not hear, my heartbeat in my head often to the point it makes my head sway with the beat. About 6-8 months ago I started having insomnia out of nowhere. Never had issues with sleeping and suddenly lie in bed for hours and my mind is racing. Not stressful thoughts, just random nonsense from a song I heard earlier or something I saw on TV just replaying over and over and over….

Shortly afterwards I started having the palpitations in my head. Ive seen a cardiologist and everything is “normal” on their end. I also have this strange twitch/jerk in my head from time to time that recently began. From dealing with all this mess thats gone unanswered for so long (headaches and neck pain for 5 years), I have started having occasional anxiety attacks. These are quite rare and I’ve read these are common with candida but I wasn’t sure about everything else, especially the jerk/tic/twitch and heart palpitations in the head or anywhere over the body.

Thanks in advance. I’m doing some research before starting the diet. I just wanted to ask a few questions first.

Normally, people suffering an intestinal yeast overgrowth have intestinal symptoms, very severe sometimes. It may be possible to have some yeast colonies producing metabolites and controlled by the antagonistic bacterial flora. If this is your case, it is a light overgrowth that can be reduced quickly. Yeast metabolites produce many symptoms but a considerable overgrowth cause intestinal symptoms.