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Hello, Linny.

Normally, a healthy human’s intestines house five major types of beneficial bacteria, and research has never been able to prove an exact number of different strains, however, the estimate is that there are as many as 300 to 500 different strains of these beneficial bacteria inhabiting the digestive tract.

Even though the information on the label of the HMF Intensive states that the total potency per capsule may be up to 30 billion colony-forming units, the count shown in the ingredients is only 24 billion, a mild amount when you consider that you’re fighting an extremely dangerous fungi by the name of Candida albicans which has literally taken over your body.

As far as what your naturopath told you goes; any doctor, even a naturopathic doctor doesn’t normally want to tell you to take more of any supplement than what is recommended on the label, this is one of just a few reasons why over 90% of Candida sufferers take several years to cure their infestation.

However, as far as increasing the amount you’re taking is concerned, I wouldn’t do that until you’ve gotten the diet straight, meaning until you’ve eliminated all the food items we talked about. Then wait about 10 days to two weeks while remaining strictly on the diet to see whether or not you’re going to experience any die-off symptoms. The ‘clean’ diet usually produces some die-off symptoms, and you don’t need to add to them by increasing your probiotic.

I like the strains in the Ultimate Multi Probiotic you were taking earlier, but the count is still much too low.