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Thank you for a quick reply!

I have been changing antifungals every two weeks. Started with GSE, than went to oregano extract and so on. I forgot to mention that I am on probiotics, 20 billion a day.
My diet is at the mo, oat bran and yogurt/kefir for breakfast, either salad or veggies (zucchini, cabbage, onion, leek, celery, green peper, all from the allowed list) for lunch with either some simple zucchini, coconut flour, buckwheat flour pancake, or fish (twice a week), or buckwheat groats and similar for dinner. Including one egg a day on average. Digestion no problem, had problems at the begginign for a month or so but now is good. I am bloated thought!! ( looks like I am (3 month pregnant)

I haven’t been taking any even remotely moldy food. Only thing is that I have to make lunch for work an evening before but I really don’t have a choice to do it in the morning, so that is as dangerous I get to moldy food.

Thank you