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Careful with the silver solution. There is some debate of whether silver can affect your friendly bacteria as well=counter productive if your trying to regain your flora. Some debate of whether silver can accumulate in your tissues as well. Sounds like you might have a sensitivity to something in raster’s bread. You could eat one ingredient(on a empty stomach) at a time to find out which ingredient is causing a reaction. whenever experimenting with supplements or food its best to do one at a time so you can pinpoint your reaction on each one and eliminates some of the guess work.

Rice cakes gave me quicker brain fog than a lot of sweeteners. The higher glycemic foods gave me quicker brain fog. I think rice cakes are around a 90 on the GI index. Nuts can be hard to digest for some but it depends on your level of digestion.

Make sure your fish oil is not oxidized/rancid. There is a lot of fish oil on the market that is rancid or oxidized. If it smells too fishy or gives you continuous burp up ..return it. Fish oil can be very unstable.