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newhopeden;41872 wrote: So I’ve done the stage 1 cleanse phase for 8 days now. I was planning on switching to phase 2 today but last night before I went to bed I noticed my right lymph node under my ear and along my jawline very swollen and painful. I googled it a little bit and am thinking it’s from the fungal/yeast infection. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I just stay on the cleanse part for longer?

The lymph nodes are part of the immune system. The first thing to do right away is to be sure you’re receiving enough vitamin C. With swollen L.N. glands I would take 1000 mg at least six to eight times a day for several days; then lower the amount to about 5000 mg per day.
Since they’re part of the immune system, you may find the post concerning rebuilding the immune system helpful.

I think you should also stop the cleanse and start the diet to be sure you’re obtaining enough nutrients from your food. Have you asked for the forum diet yet?

Please keep us posted on this situation.