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dave;34798 wrote: I bought a 2 oz bottle from Gaia Herbs that apparently is 50-60% pure grain alcohol….I contacted the seller who said that Gaia Herbs does not make an alcohol free version…I posed the link Able gave for the “Daily Bitters” and the seller told me these are not the same as Sweetish Bitters…are bitters that have grain alcohol that bad and if so why?

I have no idea what you bought, Dave, but read my post again.
What I wrote about was Swedish Digestive Bitters and not as you wrote, “Daily Bitters.”

Digestive bitters are basically all the same. The differences are a possible variance of bitter herbs and some contain alcohol while others don’t. The alcohol benefits the Candida, that’s why you shouldn’t get the type containing alcohol.

Below is an ad for alcohol-free Swedish digestive bitters. The ad states plainly, “Bitters stimulate and regulate the entire digestive
system and offer a remarkable adjunct to our daily diet.”
This is what I was talking about in my post.