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Yes, it’s much more difficult without supportive friends or family. 🙁 I haven’t had much support the entire time I’ve been going through this either :p My boyfriend has just finally started to come around some now, but it took a couple of discussions where I really had to lay it out to him that I’m sick even though I don’t look or seem it, and that I have to set boundaries on what is and isn’t ok for now. We eat separate meals (unless I cook :p) which bums me out, but he’s a carb/sugar fiend, so I can’t expect him to change for me. My friends have largely been unsupportive as well, most notably my best friend, who has been too obsessed with her dysfunctional relationship to listen to anything I have to say over the last year.

Essentially, I’ve had to somewhat write everybody off and just go at it on my own, but with the support of the folks here on this forum, which has been critical in helping me get as far as I have gotten. I’m also just pretty vocal about candida to everyone in my life, so they stop ignoring it and trying to give me food I can’t eat and whatnot. Everyone is tired of hearing about it, but I’m so tired of people ignoring invisible illnesses that I feel like I should speak up to raise awareness so others might not have to go through these same experiences.

Anyway, we are here for you! Stay strong 🙂