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I appreciate this post as I want to do whatever is best to get the maximum benefit of my probiotics. I have a few questions related to this post:

1. I’m assuming taking my probiotic pill and kefir at the same time is exactly what we are talking about here, right?
2. Can I have my kefir with my morning “cereal” (I just started making a buckwheat porridge), or would it be best to have these separately?
3. I don’t know how much kefir to drink—-I’m currently having a cup in the morning and sometimes another cup at night. Should I be consistent with a cup in the morning and a cup before bed? Is that too much? Too little? Is the point to drink as much as possible?
4. I’ve been taking my probiotics for close to a month now. I am taking 25+ capsule in morning and 25+ in evening. Should I double that and start taking 50/twice daily? Or add in taking it mid-day?

Thanks for your help. I’ve been traveling for work and have not been able to participate on the forum, though, religiously read all of your posts daily. And speaking of work travel, I think I have the food thing down and will write a post about that in the future!

As always, much gratitude for having all of you on this journey!