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bacillus coagulans? Okay I’ll look for that.

If I decided to celebrate with alcohol I’ll make sure to take it straight up. And thank you for the advice on this. If you haven’t said anything, I definitely would’ve assumed beer was safer than hard liquor as it’s milder.

I’ve been alternating a strict regiment of antifungals for 4 months without taking any breaks or cheating with sugar or any kind of bad foods whatsoever. I honestly don’t know how long I’m suppose to keep killing candida for. So I’m thinking to stop the antifungals after 4 months (could use advise on this), and keep on with high probiotics and focusing on leaky gut supplements from here on out, then conclude after 6 months.

In conjunction with the Candida Diet and Protocol, I’ve also been doing the GAPS diet at the same time to heal my leaky gut. All of this is to heal my Rosacea really …

For years I’ve been eating food and getting a red face after every meal. So I’ll use this vacation to see if the sun and food still causes my Rosacea to flare up.