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Thanks so much for the support everyone. Able, I’m taking megafood at 20 billion CFUs right now and I’m not using kefir because I can’t tolerate it. I’m also on 2tsp of coconut oil currently. Raster, you’re probably right about the mold. I’m living with my aunt right now and it’s kind of a dump. Hopefully I’ll be moving soon and that will take care of the problem. I noticed that grains have kind of been making me feel worse lately. I was fine with teff bread for a while but it started making me feel like total crap. Buckwheat I get a very small reaction to, but I’ve cut out grains entirely for the time being to detox faster.

-Is this the best way to go even though I’ll be hungrier and have nothing in my system to bind my waste together?

-If this recent development is my lungs detoxing, what’s the best way to speed it up and clear up symptoms?

I have some bentonite clay but I’ve been avoiding it because my stomach is so damn sensitive to everything right now. I’m just doing ginger tea, chicory coffee, and lemon water right now. The other issue I should bring up is that I recently found out I have a low red blood cell count, so I need to get more iron in my diet.

-What is the best source for our diet?

I’ve been told I need it from red meat or in the form of supplements, that the type of iron in spinach etc isn’t right, but the supplement is rough on the stomach and red meat is a no no on here. Thanks for your kind words btw raster. It helps. It’s a pretty depressing situation right now because in late may I was past my die off and had finally gotten things right, was even able to go on a 5 mile hike, and now it seems like this challenge is bigger than ever and I’ve broken down physically. I just want it to be done…so I’ll keep posting and trying to heal.