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I’m sorry to hear about your summer from hell. Hang in there…it has been a year from hell for me all due to the wonderful treatment of antibiotics. What I can tell you is when I started the part of my treatment that included yogurt, kefir and probiotics….I became much better. I wish you much luck. I remember the days I had chest pains, hot flashes etc. I felt like I would die. Shocked that it all came on due to the DR giving me drugs. Who would have thunk. I can tell you my ENT told husband that most sinus infections should never be treated with antibiotics. However, he said for him to clense his sinus cavities with saline wash. He did that and after 2 years of antibiotic treatment he was cleared. It took a while. Doc said the infections get too deep and antibiotics can’t touch them. He suffered so badly and since then for the past 10 years he has never had them again. Good luck to you. Listen to Able…he has helped sooo many.