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In the morning and night I take Candex (2), and Primal Defense Ultra (4).

You shouldn’t be taking Candex at all.
As far as Primal Defense is concerned, haven’t you read our post on probiotics?

I know I need to add molybdenum to hopefully not get so winded while lifting weights etc.

You shouldn’t be lifting weights “at all.” Walking and light swimming are acceptable exercises which will allow you to continue to rebuild your adrenals and strengthen your immune system. Weight lifting will only hinder this endeavor.

I had mentioned on a previous post that I need to have a safe source of carbs to eat to also aid in the above-listed working out that I do each day.

Like I mentioned above, you should not be lifting weights during your treatment period.

I can’t really go zero carb or my brain, muscles, and everything else wont work so please help regarding that also.

If you were following the alternate diet, you wouldn’t have to worry about going on zero carbs.

For some reason I assumed you were following our protocol on the forum, Captain, I guess I was wrong. So where did you get the protocol you’re following?