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I try to eliminate crabs and sugars as much a possible. I personally have a server infestation so I need to make sure that I dont take anything with sugar or crabs as much as possible. I think it really depends on how bad your candida problems is on how strict you need to be. With that being said I think it best to be very strict on the diet because that just means you will recover faster and be back to a normal diet sooner. But it also needs to be realistic for you. I personally have to have 5 raspberries or blackberries every couple of days because if I dont I know I will cheat. I am now finally getting to the point where I might decide to eliminate this one thing that contains sugar out of my diet. Also make sure you are eating enough food because your body need nutrients. Don’t slow down your food intake because it seems like a lot of work to make health choices.
Hope this helps,