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jameskep;38748 wrote: When you look at anti-fungal activity you also need to consider the anti-bacterial activity as well. If a anti-fungal substance has the same level of antibacterial(affecting good bacteria) activity it is USELESS/COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE!!

No. Sugar alcohols do not feed candida, but xylitol definitely disturbs the habitat of beneficial flora. There is a reason why xylitol causes SEVERE cramping and diarrhea at higher doses!! There are much better alternatives than xylitol for anti-fungal activity. Why would someone want to take something to disturb the habitation of their beneficial flora when that is what they have been working on for months and months!!

When I experimented with xylitol it wreaked havoc on my gut. It caused SEVERE cramping. The cramping was even worst then laxatives. This cramping is disturbing/purging the beneficial flora. Xylitol is a very poor choice for an anti-fungal for the bad effects that it has on the gut flora habitation. Xylitol’s bad effects is not something I read but what my wife I personally experienced.

Many people have reported bad side effects with Erythritol. Go on the net and read all the bad testimonies.

I can say for myself the 2 things that contributed to my bad Gut health was splenda and xylitol. I was perfectly healthy until I introduced these 2 items. Not to mention enteric-coated garlic by ethical nutrients which seemed to further inflame my gut. Enteric-coated garlic is absolutely stupid for someone who already has an inflammed upper GI tract. Unless you plan on chasing it with god knows how many sodium bicarbonate tablets to help neutralize the harsh sulfuric acids.

I have really not found one sweetener that is completely healthy to use on a long term basis. Every one seems to have their own unique side effects. Sweeteners should be used sparingly.


I agree with you about Xylitol. In the past, I have warned people about it. Xylitol is bactericidal. Dr. Leo Galland advice it to treat SIBO.
Xylitol shouldn’t be used. However, alcohol and sugar alcohols are rapidly absorbed in the upper small bowel going to the blood. Image every time we drink alcohol it going to the colon.

Alcohol and bleach are top antiseptics killing bacterias, viruses, some fungus, etc.

Neither Xylitol nor any sugar alcohol go to the colon but I agree with you about Xylitol. I have never advice it to candida sufferers.