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If you soak the almonds and roast them, this will destroy all of the molds found on them. This is likely why you are allergic to them, because of the molds (and the same goes for all nuts).

I would look at using buckhweat as a good replacement for quinoa. We don’t recommend quinoa on the forum, especially if you have leaky gut. If you get gluten free oat bran (which is a prebiotic) this is also a good breakfast item or flour item. Quinoa is slightly inflammatory and contains high levels of starch. I also personally could not digest it and I eventually became allergic to it quickly after 3 servings. Buckwheat on the other hand is a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

We recommend greek yogurt and kefir on the forum which are loaded with probiotics which you need to cure your infestation. These are good snacks and good breakfast items. If you make it homemade, they will be packed with even more beneficial bacteria than the store bought stuff.

Fermented foods are also loaded with probiotics and examples include kim-chi, fermented cabbage, sauerkraut, etc.

They have a generally good list but I would criticize the starchy food items more and value the prebiotic items more.

Also, in order to heal leaky gut, you need to reduce the inflammation of the gut in order to do this. Certain foods are highly anti-inflammatory and pumpkin is one of them. Others include broccoli, fish, fruits (fruits are not on the diet though), etc.

The exercises you mentioned are not as streneous as other activities such as weight lifting, running, training, etc. Finding a balance is the key and you might want to take it easy at first and then proceed with exercising as you get better. Something to think about. Some people push themselves a lot and you should not push yourself on the diet physically.

I would not take psyllium which can cause constipation. I personally used miracle fiber which is pure inulin, however this should likely not be consumed throughout your whole treatment but is a great supplement to heal leaky gut. The inulin can feed the candida in the colon according to a different forum member.

I would not eat meat 3x per day every day or something like this, but 1-4x per week should not pose much of a problem.

I would look in the recipes section for other snack ideas but there are a ton. I don’t snack so I’m the worst person to ask about this lol.