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Hello Luke,

I checked out this food list and unfortunately it has some problems when you are trying to do a candida diet. For instance, tomatoes and carrots are included in the list and these are both high in the glycemic index and are high in sugars. Carrots also contain starch which converts to sugar. Both of these items should not be consumed in high quantities and only in low quantities. Why are these items alright but not potatoes or pumpkin? Makes no sense…

Beef is also problematic because it takes 2+ days to digest whereas chicken and fish take hours to digest. If you want to heal your leaky gut as quickly as possible, I would not consume beef or pork. Additionally, if you eat meat a bunch, this produces ammonia which benefits the candida. Limiting the amount of meat can bring a benefit and its best to find the right balance.

I also would not touch vegetable glycerin and yacon syrup.

I am unsure why they think cranberry and lemon juice is so great. We do recommend lemon juice on the forum but cranberries you might want to be more cautious with.

Sparkling soda is problematic because the CO2 found in the soda (bubbles) benefit the candida.

The reason you are intolerant to nuts, eggs, etc. is due to leaky gut as you may know. You won’t be intolerant to these items forever and if you heal properly, it should heal within a few months hopefully. It took me about a year.

We don’t recommend beans until stage 2 or when you are basically symptom free. This might be a good egg replacement though. Beans are high in starch.

I am also confused why teff and buckwheat should be limited on this diet when they provide prebiotics which feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut. This makes no sense from my standpoint.

As far as working out, you should think this out further before you do it. You need to heal your gut, not build muscle mass. Working out can drain you adrenals which you need for you immune system. You also need the energy for healing. I would consider not working out for the first few months while on the diet.

We developed this general plan if you are interested: