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The almonds I purchased in bulk have already been roasted. Does that mean they’re without mold, or am I required to soak and roast them anyway? According to my food intolerance test, I am not intolerant to almonds.

I’ll substitute quinoa with buckwheat, then. Like quiona, would there be a limit to how much buckwheat I consume each day?

I’ve heard that fermented foods such as sauerkraut would be counter-productive in terms of healing candida? And as far as yogurt and kefir are concerned, considering my intolerance to dairy products, wouldn’t it be best that I avoid them altogether?

I don’t intend to push myself too much with concern to exercise, but I definitely need it for mood and productivity. Also, what about protein powders? Are there any vegan protein powders that would comply with the candida diet? That you know of, I mean.

Again, I’m so grateful for your prompt and informative replies. They mean a great deal to me.