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mrs.candida;36879 wrote: No it’s not similar at all. There’s a shortage of SF722 no one can get any until next month.

Okay. Thanks. Well, the unavailability is not due to the worldwide shortage here. It seems it is unavailable in India. The name was not familiar to the person in the biggest Medical store here, or to a doctor friend, nor could I find it online in any website that could ship it to India.

Thus looking for a substitute.

lmm;36880 wrote: Healinglight – have you tried coconut oil? This isn’t a substitute, but is a strong antifungal, which as you know is plentiful in India.


Yes, I am already taking Organic Virgin coconut oil. Thanks.

jameskep;36882 wrote: This product might be a good substitute before you can order some more sf722.

anon87;36910 wrote: This link was posted on another thread in here, and it’s pretty much SF722 made by another company in Canada. It’s by AN Tyler and it’s called Myco Plex. I’ve been using it for about a week. If you live outside of Canada, you have to order by phone. They send you an international sales agreement, you sign it, and then you scan it and email it back to them. Here’s the link:

Thanks a lot. I will see if they ship it to India.