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Vegan Catlady
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This is my experience, so take with a grain…. 🙂

When I first moved to Florida in the 90’s, I wasnt used to the constant wet weather.
I knew nothing about candida, and I was no stranger to antibiotics (chronic sinus infections as a kid,ect).

We went through a period of it raining daily, and my great cheap florida apartment ceiling had obvious leak stains.

I had one day where it was raining…my brother came over and we had a smoke outside… I grabbed a bowl of icescream and about 20 minutes later couldnt breathe right. It was as if I had to force my breath out.
I could take a breath IN, but it never felt like I was breathing in as deeply as I could and it never felt like all the air was coming out. I had to force it out.

My mind was on my breath- the exhale- for like 8 months. It was horrible. I was put on “king-of-hearts” heart monitor and had to call -in the results everytime my heart, with no freaking encouragement, would just suddenly start beating super fast or hard.

Doctors were telling me I was having anxiety attacks. I could be relaxing with my kids watching tv and suddenly my heart would beat funny. Also, the breathing-exhale thing wasnt intermittant; it was 24/7, there when I woke up and I had to do some kind of reading to get tired enough to fall asleep since I had to keep my mind off needing to force my breath out.

Tell me that aint screwed up.

NO doctor told me what it was, no doctor knew, and not one of them was smart enough to even try a blood panel to check for weirdness.

After about 8-9 months, it cleared up on its own.

Looking back NOW, I can totally see 99% of anyone’s anxiety-attack diagnosis being truly candida related.
Candida can mess with hormones and vitamin deficiencies…this means it can be responsible for heart issues, depression, anxiety, hallucinations, you name it!

The only thing that sticks out in my mind when I look back is wondering if MOLD in the ceiling set it off; something in my smoke set it off; doing a bunch of ice-cream fed existing yeast if I had it at the time;

and I just want to mention that one symptom that was BIZARRE that happened was it felt like my jaw was locking up at the same time my heart and breathing was at its worst.

This is probably not helpful since I never got my issue labeled or competent help from the medical community.
But this would have been helpful to me at the time knowing that someone else knows what this might feel like, and that at some point your body may work it out on its own.