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raster;53216 wrote: It sounds like you exhale issue is either anxiety, hyperventilation, or an allergic reaction (or a combination of them). I recommend trying out flax oil to see if your anxiety improves when you have these. If it doesn’t then it might be an allergic reaction related to inflammation (flax is also anti-inflammatory so should help this).

Get flax oil with lignens!


Thanks for the reply raster.

I’ll check out flax oil.

The strong exhale response doesn’t always come with anxiety and I’ve had a fair bit of experience in my life coming to terms with anxiety and hyperventilation. It is something different. A few years ago where drinking a little red wine brought it on, combined with low tolerance to alcohol (feeling intoxicated and then hungover on very low amounts) I reasoned it to be the aldehydes (probably with leaky gut also).

This among other things led me to Candida and the acetaldehyde toxin (among other things) and I have observed this as a regular occurrence of taking various antifungals over the past year, so I’ve put it down to:-

(a) the C overgrowth producing excess aldehydes in my system
(b) this in turn caused me to be sensitive to alcohol, along with perfumes and inks
(c) antifungals then killing the C swamping my body with aldehydes and other toxins
(d) not being able to clear the toxins with molybdenum?

and have come to regard it as “toxic breathing”.

If I’m exercising I can usually push through it and the more I forcefully exhale it seems to eventually clear. It’s interesting how it particularly comes on like a wave to my lungs when lying down which is why I’ve wondered about it being associated with the lymph drainage.

Do you think it’s not die-off?

Interested to hear if anyone has experienced this?