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Thank you for your quick and helpful response, hope.

Fortunately, I don’t think my condition is THAT bad. My symptoms include bloating, gas, mental fog, fatigue, toe nail fungus, premature greying, hair loss, cold feet and hands, indigestion and itching. These symptoms can be traced back to about 2006-ish, but have definitely worsened in the last couple of years especially after having my son two years ago. Thankfully my child was born without any apparent affects from my candida overgrowth. So I think I’ve caught it earlier than most. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been going through thrush and all that with your little one. :(. I feel like I’ve eased into this lifestyle of healthy eating over a period of about a year so my die off symptoms have been manageable while taking antifungals recently.

To answer some more of your questions, yes, I have been on antibiotics two or three times in my life, as well as birth control pills. Right now I’m taking capryllic acid every other day, several tbsps of coconut oil every day, the Now brand of probiotics and kefir. My diet consists mainly of vegetables, eggs, oat bran, buckwheat, coconut milk, salmon, and occasional organic chicken. Should I plan to include some low sugar berries and green apples to my diet while pregnant?