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Effcandida;40230 wrote: Hi there,

I am considering trying the strict diet but am unsure about it due to the limited protein sources. I cannot eat eggs – Despite my attempts I cannot stomach them or eat them without gagging. I can tolerate them in baked goods but not on their own.

For those who have done the forum’s strict diet, how have you used the ground hemp seeds?

Also, where do you buy spirulina and chorella? How do you prepare it? Specific brands to look for?

I despised eggs and never ate them in 25 years prior to this diet. When I decided to start this protocol, my health came first so I tried to eat eggs — I would scramble them extremely well or make a well omelet with LOTS of vegetables. It’s almost been 2 months, and now I eat scrambled veggies + eggs daily for breakfast and love it. I cook in coconut oil on medium heat; I use onion powder, pepper, and sea salt. The flavor is delicious! I cannot believe I went 26 years fearing eggs when taste buds change and I have adapted to now enjoying eating them.

I cannot attest to spirulina or chorella. You could try hemp protein powder, and add to dishes for additional protein. Do you eat any probiotics sources, such as greek yogurt? That is a staple for me. I use nonfat Fage greek yogurt and one serving is close to 20g of protein.