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raster;47730 wrote: Sounds mostly ok. I had a little bit more trouble with turkey than other meats but this might only apply to me and not others.

I am not a fan of duck because its so hard and chewy. Never had goose or pheasant.

Organic fish I assume would be fed organic food and are raised in a pond or lake without medicine used, etc.


Thanks for your reply Raster, i love duck because the fatty juices can make it really tender and juicy!

I still wonder if it is ok on the strict diet as it is technically red meat compared to chicken, what are the qualities that make chicken a good match for this diet and do the other poultry meats meet this condition?

I might be over thinking it, i vaguely recall able saying yes to turkey but i’ve never asked about goose, duck or especially liver of any kind.

Hi Able,

I started in January but took badly to the anti-fungals so couldn’t increase them. I was doing only diet and probiotics until a month ago when i introduced boulardii to replace the antifungals which has been fine, i will double my dose to 9 billion boulardii soon.

My problem is i have cfids/cfs so i have to take things gently. I find i have off the scale sensitivity to pharmaceuticals and medicines, no doubt i experienced the same with the antifungals [and boulardii before i shifted my pill time around.]

I’ve got no problem in settling into a long term plan rather then a quick recovery to lessen the toll on my health from doing things to fast. I think as long as i keep testing foods the strict diet will be versatile enough to sustain me.

It may well take me twice as long as the average person.

Thanks for your help guys.

Also with regards to the fish i’ve never seen vital choice fish in the uk but i eat fish very infrequently anyway, maybe 1 or 2 times a month if that. I’m going to google vital choice see what my options are. Cheers.