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lockie86;55918 wrote: He’s put me on Gotu Cola for now, apparently stress reducing, will let u know how I get on! :-))

He also advised a ‘bowel cleanse’ and said he’d never seen anyone get better from candida issues without one.

I think it involves mainly bentonite clay but also aloe, charcoal (?) etc.

Is this advisable? I’m sure I’ve seen stuff saying bentonite clay is bad??

And also that colonics (the next step) do more harm than good?

I posted as a new q but any thoughts would be great as I know u have a super brain!


GotuCola is ok, but im curious as I have never heard of anyone using that herb for stress alone without other supportive herbs. Maybe in Ayurveda they do?
I know some body builders use it,but not for stress.

If you are resonating with your doctor, then use the bowel cleanse he/she advises.

I would personally not use the clay or charcoal, but thats only because I use food as medicine (plants,ect) but I have heard from others that the clay is harsh and can cause constipation, but I dont have any first hand experience with it at all.

High fiber diets long-term clean out the bowel, and going 2-3 times a day naturally without help is indicative of a bowel that doesnt require stimulants/colonics.

I know its a personal choice, so I dont have an opinion unless asked.

I am more inclined to just have a lifestyle that makes remedies there unnecessary rather than take clay/charcoal/colonics.
Not a fan of any of those, but many here are, and hopefully will tell you their experiences.
They are not all bad experiences 🙂