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impossible;51929 wrote:

Hello Dora,

You could have cardiovascular problems from my experience and you could have symptoms of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). I’ve been dealing with this lately, you basically need to change your habits and start exercising.


Also experienced from such a reaction. Its called capillary hypoperfusion. Basically means the capillaries, the tiniest blood vessels in the body, constrict as part of an inflammatory response. Its pretty typical and results in symptoms of oxygen depletion, even though blood oxygen levels and blood pressure are all fine. Mold illness, lyme/coinfection, and migraine sufferers all are very familiar with what this feels like.

I guess that could make sense if the candida is causing inflammation in the body. And if food particles/toxins are being released into the bloodstream via leaky gut, that would most likely trigger the inflammation response as well.

Thanks for the info!