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Hi All, after week two:-

Still have headache!!!!!!!!

Not had any real “Die Off” symptoms and feeling ok!

I have introduced the probiotics and a second 500mg caprilyc acid tab’ of an evening with meal. (This takes me to 1000mg CA per day).

Diet:- basically same as last post. I have chilli cravings at the moment! I seem to be having them in most meals, either fresh or dried. Also Garlic, just can not get enough of that stinky stuff! Still they are good for the Candida!

Food is not bothering me at all! I like the salads and meat etc.

New addition to my diet is home made chicken and broccoli soup for lunch (Lashings of onion, garlic and spiced with chilli’s black pepper etc).

Again, thing I am missing is RED WINE!

Rash:- Since discovering washing in Head and Shoulders shampoo, my face rash has not come back! Result in my book. (I would urge anybody who suffers from facial or other candida related rash to give it a try, works for me and my rash was BAD!)

Until next update