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Hi All, “Fell Off” Last Night! Two glasses of that Devil red wine got me! For my sins I had a thick head this morning, serves me right. (Never normally have a thick head after two glasses of red wine! God must be punishing me!)
Anyway back on track today.

Katyliss, thanks for the post, yes you are quite correct H&S does have Zinc pyrithione in it, it has antibacterial properties, is (as you quite correctly pointed out) used in paint for its algaecide properties, household sponges etc and more importantly used to treat dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, ringworm, fungus, athletes foot, dry skin, atopic dermatitis, tinea, vitiligo and (very successfully) my face rash! I understand where you are coming form re the toxicity in every day products but this stuff has been around for a long time, in its industrial form it is harmful but in over the counter products I do not believe that it poses a great risk. (Just my opinion) Also if it cures my rash I am willing to take that chance.

Raster thanks for your input, re pork, totally understand where you are coming from, yes it does take longer than other meats (and fish) to digest, (4-4.5 hours) and if you eat lots of it I can believe that it can make you constipated and has bacteria that may be damaging to you if you have reduced immune system, thankfully both not applicable in my case!

Brown rice, is recommended on the diet on the website. I agree if you eat it every day may be a problem but once per week?

Coffee:- I can not see that two or three cups of decaf’ per day can significantly affect the growth of candida, I have fresh ground decaf’ (from beans) I understand that it may contain minute traces of caffeine but so do “Brassica vegetables” :- cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts etc. Some diets say you can have coffee others no. I believe that this regime is hard enough as it is and anything that may facilitate it being easier is, as I am sure you will agree, a plus.

Yoghurt:- No added sugar only natural occurring which, at the moment I do not know the quantity as do not have pot to look at! (All eaten and empty pots thrown away!) I generally have 1 – 2 pots per day.

Chili’s;- I always believed that they were anti fungal (included in stricter diet).
I do not understand the inflammation risks with certain foods but will look into it.

Wheatgrass, Jury is out on that one, do I feel better or worse taking it? I do not know for sure but if it has lots of vitamins and boost immune system (Not proved) can not be a bad thing. I have it prior to going to gym to kick start my body prior to exercise.

Since starting the regime, as I have said previously, I have had a headache (aside from todays!) other than that I am feeling ok. I have lost a little weight, I am enjoying the food! and generally feel better than I have for quite some time! My rash has gone and I believe, as I am sure you will agree, this is all positive!

I would also like to add that I think this website and its members are a great resource for knowledge, advice and support, many thanks!