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Vegan Catlady
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Floggi;55422 wrote:
You call them “they”.

Are you sure “they” are two different persons? Just notice “their” shared interests, “their” identical opinions, “their” mutual support, “their” similar writing style, “their” use of the same words.

I think it’s only one person, operating under several user names. Which, by the way, is characteristic behaviour for a shill.

Did you notice how “they” (sorry, I mean: he) was so quick to ask under which username I would post my next reply? Obviously, this very thought appeared in his mind so quickly because, for him, it is such a natural way of thinking.

Did you see the post of user NumbaOneShill, which appeared briefly in your other thread, before it was removed by a moderator? That user account was created only today. I think he created it for the very purpose of attacking us.

My experience on various forums is that people like him are actually very weak, and he knows it. Such people can only “survive” on a forum by attacking anyone who dares voice a different opinion. This can clearly be seen in this case too: he has never shown the politeness to discuss the message in our postings; instead, he chose to personally and directly attack the messenger. That’s because he is unwilling to learn. He is glued to his current opinion because he thinks his opinion is perfect, by reason of him being infallible. Yet he knows that discussing his opinion might show him to be wrong. That very thought is so extremely frightening that he’ll do anything to prevent that from happening. It’s psychologically easier to stick to a wrong opinion and deny what his is doing, then to run the risk of learning something new and having to change his opinion. Therefore, he will go to great lengths, even personally attack us.

How to deal with persons like him? One key aspect is not to allow such persons to upset us. Do not take the attacks personally – the attacks are directed at our online presence, not at ourselves. It helps if you understand the psychology that causes such behaviour. Like when a three-year-old toddler is very angry, and starts shouting, calling you names, even hitting you with his fists. That too is sheer incapability of the toddler to express his anger in a more decent way. Of course, such behaviour must be ignored or corrected, but we don’t blame a toddler on a personal level. Later on that day, we love the toddler like we did before, we play, and we hug.

I just wish that such forum trolls would not only behave like toddlers, but would be as quick as toddlers to change their behaviour to something respectful.

Couldnt have said it better, and you handled it with far more couth than I.