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There are two good reasons to conclude that amalgam fillings have nothing to do with one’s health.

First, a study of brain tissue of deceased persons found no relation between the amount of amalgam fillings in their teeth, and the amount of mercury in their brain cells. So even IF mercury leaks from an amalgam filling, it does not seem to be stored in the body.

Second, in my generation, everybody has several amalgam fillings. The current generation either has no fillings at all due to improved oral health, or they do have fillings but those are of the modern composite type. Anyway, the number of amalgam fillings was reduced from ‘very high’ to ‘almost zero’ within a generation. Yet, problems that are popularly attributed to amalgam fillings have not disappeared in the new generation.

Both of these observations show that there is no link between amalgam fillings and health problems. I suggest we look further, hoping to find the true cause of any health problems. Amalgam fillings seem to be as dangerous as the color of your socks. Investigating amalgam is therefore as promising as investigating the color of your socks.

If we want to improve our health, we have to find the cause of our health problems. This cause is neither in the amount of amalgam fillings nor in the color of our socks. Let’s not be distracted, let’s look elsewhere.