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orka1998 wrote: A while back (years ago) before I knew about candida, I did notice that even though I get up with flat tummy, my pants fit just nicely, but after I eat the pants are getting tighter and tighter and eventually part of my belly just starts hanging over my pants (I was thanking God for low cut pant fashion which gave room for my belly to just hang over!). Gradually it would go down, but most likely not until the morning.

Probably I already had a problem back then and was not aware why this would happen. I was maintaining a nice diet with lots of veggies and drinking kefir daily and this made me pretty much symptom free and feeling great, but candida was still there and just waiting for the right time to completely take over. When i had my kids was a perfect opportunity for the yeast to just take over completely after having its solders ready to go for years and years.

While on the treatment, I do still notice my stomach getting a bit larger towards the end of the day, but I am so skinny now and my kids made so much room in there (twins) that it doesn’t bother me really and it’s not as obvious as before. I just notice my tummy being very flat in the morning and in evening, there is a little bit of tummy sticking out.


Thanks Arijana – I was having a pretty bad couple of days to be honest thus the questions!

I’m pretty sure it is to do with the flora imbalance I am currently suffering from. I don’t think my leaky gut is helping either.

I’ve upped my L-Glutamine intake and have also started taking probiotics morning, noon and night to give my flora the best chance of restarting!

I’m also taking two glasses of kefir a day now, hopefully I will see some improvement.