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Able and Jorge i am not considering the metal detox u speak of but wanted to know what it was jorge didnt explain what it was at all to me so i asked him and he didnt reply back yet .i dont have alot of money to spend and have to b carefull .i really want to keep this treatment going i just get so frustrated u know .

thanks to all of u that read this long post as i was in a very bad mood dark place when i wrote it i appreciate yall taking the time to reply .

Kag im starting acupuncture tommorow i found a community one in my area for 35-50$ depending on income i dont know what exactly ill be payng but its alot cheaper than the 80$ a visit i got when i calld around for private visits !now i can go once a wk for a lil while and if it helps me lower stress and pain its worth it .stress eating is exactly what i do and why i fall off track u are on point with that ,i have a busy day running errands cleaning house ,work ext and i just reach for a sandwich or sumthing !if this helps my stress it will help me stick with diet and since im doing sumthing to pamper myself which i never do im always doing for others ,it will give me a piece of mind to stick with things also so i dont feel so deprived ,ill let ya know how it goes !