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hope4eva77;36509 wrote: my most bothersome symptoms are vaginal pain vulva outer burning and an inner bladder pain that burns and feels sharp ,frequent yeast infections ,and i also have thrush in back of tongue ,a annoying sore throat and brain fog and anxiety

i was diagnosed with ic but they only offerd me pain meds and bladder cath instillation’s so i decide to try this since i was on antibiotics for over three months and tested for everything under the sun already i figured it couldnt hurt but now the diet is just seeming way to hard to follow .

no im not doing enemas where do i get them ? i found Swedish bitters help constipation

Yes, it is CRC.
The root of the problem is the intestines. You need to recover cell-mediated immunity to win the battle. You also will need systemic antifungal drugs at some point of your treatment. I will say that at a point where your intestinal colonies be reduced to a minimum and when your cell-mediated immunity be active against the yeast.

How does it happens ??
During a period of stress and long antibiotic rounds, we lose an effective immune response to control yeast overgrowth and germination. The “normal” yeast mono-cells living in the vagina and colon turn germ tubes and filamentous. This form is able to penetrates the epithelial cells. Since our cell protection (Th1) is partially blocked, candida albicans penetrates the cells. One time inside the cells, it adopts a non-growing form but still able to produce enzymes and metabolites. It is known as an intracellular candidiasis.

This is what is causing your vulvar pain and burning feeling.

The thing is a little bit complex since the cell-mediated dominance is controlled by yeast colonies in the intestines. In a few words, to eliminate the intracellular vaginal infection you need to correct the immune suppression power yeast colonies are causing inside the gut.

An intestinal overgrowth is a big part of the chronic immune paralyzes yeast sufferers have.
Until this be corrected ( a hard battle ) there isn’t hope any other local yeast focus will be eliminated. There is a yeast metabolite called MANNAN that is able to paralyzes cell-mediated immunity. I guess you know that without immune defenses there isn’t cure. Rx antifungal, fungicidal or fungistatic, can not win the battle without immunity. It is a team work where our immunity plays the biggest role.

Anyway, I am trying to help a little bit because I see you posting frustrated about your results.
I am really tired of all this and feel there aren’t too many people trying to steal my knowledge and experience about this syndrome. I would like to see it more and more because there are millions suffering and lack of knowledge about it. It doesn’t mean I know all, but I can say you I am 90% close to the true.
I have done all (my research, sacrifices, etc) because it was a requirement to recover myself.

I hope this help,