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KangMiner;56895 wrote: So I been on the diet for some time now and I still am constipated, after eating I get a crazy amount of gas and a feeling that I’m not full, I’m eating more then I ever did before and barely gaining weight.. When I do an enema some of it looks like my food wasn’t fully turned into a fecal rock.

I don’t know if that is normal or what’s going on

To break it down
Allot of gas and bloating after meal
Eating allot more then before
Not feeling full
Food in my poop.. Not fully suggested
Only able to go with an enema


My horrible symptoms have calmed down.. The headache and nausea and so on..


Let me tell you something about constipation.
I am a long time sufferer of constipation and have spent hundreds of hours of research in this area.

FACT: Chronic constipation is caused by intestinal dysbiosis.

FACT: Healthy stool is nearly 50% bacteria. Therefor, those with severely crippled bacteria simply don’t have enough microbial diversity in their intestines to produce healthy, hydrated stools.

FACT: Insoluble fiber (e.g Metamucil, Benefiber) only addresses a small variable in intestinal elimination.

Long story short, you must work on re-inoculating your intestines with diverse, persistent, and healthy bacteria. Dairy pro-biotics (e.g live yogurt, kefir) do not persist in human intestinal tract but can provide minor benefits. Fermented vegetables (e.g sauerkraut, kim chi, cordito) are far superior to any milk ferment or store-bought pro-biotic IMO. I have probably tried every store-bought pro-biotic you could ever list out.

I am no longer chronically constipated. This happened when I stopped nuking my already crippled flora with natural anti-microbials, started Nystatin retention enemas, and starting fermenting my own vegetables.

Natural anti-microbials (e.g. OOO, GSE) can be dangerous especially those with constipation.
They indeed made my condition worse. Those with severe dysbiosis should tread lightly when using the natural anti-fungals.

I can get more specific if you’d like, I could write for hours on this.