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Yeast free is not the same as sugar free, grain free, gluten free, etc. Alcohol is definitely forbidden on the diet and its like opening the windows to a house that is on fire!

I would try the coconut flour bread, and there are some buckwheat breads that you can make that are better alternatives. I haven’t heard of anyone eating rye bread on the forums, so maybe do a ‘search’ for it to see whether there is any posts.

Buckwheat will become your new best friend; it is a great alternative to rice! Same texture, similar taste!

Also, just so you know, you shouldn’t set a timetable for your recovery! It can take as long as 6-18 months to fully recover from candida; I have been on the diet for 4+ months and I am mostly over it at this point. I have altered my diet many times; each time it wasn’t good enough.

Naturopathics come out like the colors of a rainbow; I would find one that recommends probiotics, undeceonic acid, and someone that has successfully treated candida hundreds of times if possible.

Listen to some dr. mcoomb:

He allows fruit, and promotes his own supplements…he has good info but don’t follow his plan completely. For instance, don’t overdo the fruits (aka sugar)! Don’t buy his supplements, there are better ones out there!

Take care and let us know about your progress.