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laineyk;52563 wrote: just wanted to introduce myself, for some reason I am not able to start my own topic

I have not had a dx of Candida but everything I read says I have it

I was stricken with H-pylori and SIBO over the last year and had taken heavy doses triple antibiotics to combat these infections.

I now have the worse brain fog, like I’m high. Dizziness, aches and pains, headaches, gut is a mess. hurts constantly, dry eye, and my anxiety (which I already had) is now out of control.
feel completely useless and lethargic all day

started a candida protocol that consists of taking Cardizyme for a month, then Oreganol for a month and then Candex for a month

these were all purchased at health foof store and recommended by nutritionalist.

I juice in am and bone broth for lunch. but I guess I have to get rid of dairy too

what blood test would show candida overgrowth?

I have never been this sick in my life and its been over a year now with suffering

please any help would be so appreciated

OOF…thanks for sharing! While I don’t know the name of the blood test I know it tested for Candida Albicanis and specifically tested levels of “igg” in the blood. I got the test at “women to women” health center. I would call them and do a 15 min phone consult (it’s about $85) and ask specifically about the test.

Research probiotics and get probiotics into your body as soon as possible and quit ALL sugar immediately (even sugar in fruit). If you can find loose leaf stevia its a wonderful natural substitute…the liquid or white powder form have a funny aftertaste.

Good luck…we will be here 🙂 Let us know how it goes. Try posting a reply in the newcomers to report a problem to the moderators so you can start your won topic!