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Hey Able, thanks for the reply,

I think I’ve had candida or started showing the signs of it for about 18 months max and when I was tested it came back only as a med/strong colonisation but had 2 strains of candida which my nutritionalist said was quite rare. My symptoms weren’t too bad compared to others, mainly very fatigued but abdominal pains such as this one and loose stools and headaches and that was about it.

I didn’t do the liver cleanse or flush or even the detox phase, I jumped in at the deep end with stage one diet and antifungals straight away, starting with 2 week course of fluczanol from the docs combined with natural antifungals and three lac and natural yogurt so you could imagine the die off I had for nearly 2 weeks but didn’t have the pain described.

After the 2 weeks I was feeling amazing and carried on for another 4 off antifungal combo taking up to 6 different ones a day plus probiotics, the only thing I did notice was I started to feel tired again during the days but noticed it was only after taking the antifungals all in one hit so decided to have a week off and that’s when the pain come back and has stuck with me the whole week.

I think what I’ll do is try the liver flush and take it from there, but I’m thinking it could be the bile irritating like you said because I notice that when I drink cold water I can feel it on that area also the same with hot water/tea as in like when you drink hot tea after you’ve had heartburn, it burns the lining a bit.

Thanks again Able!