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Hello, Benji.

If there is debris clogging the liver and gallbladder then the bile can get into the pancreas irritating it which could cause inflammation and pain in the area. Have you done a liver cleanse or flush?

Pain on the left-side is not an uncommon effect of intestinal Candida. A problem with the spleen could cause pain in that area as well, and Candida can affect the spleen. How long have you had Candida?

Since it’s possible that it could be either your pancreas or spleen causing the pain for reasons other than Candida, perhaps seeing an internist wouldn’t be an altogether bad idea. If you see a good one, he or she shouldn’t suggest an antibiotic unless they are certain that it’s some type of infection. However, that being said, with abdominal pain located on the left or right side, a lot of doctors want to diagnose a muscle pull in the beginning, and take the standard wait-and-see attitude.

Please keep us posted as to what you decide to do as well as how you’re doing.