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Hi, Benji.

Thanks for responding with your intentions.

I think a liver flush is a good idea for a start. One thing, Benji, it sounds like you’re thinking the same thing I do; that the pain is stemming from your Candida infestation, and with at least two strains it sounds like you had or have a pretty bad case. Even a one-strain infestation is very difficult to cure, so please don’t think that the Candida infestation will be even close to a full cure in just a few months. Just because you start to feel better and less tired does not mean that the infestation is no longer in your system, and it can still take up to a year or longer to be completely rid of the entire infestation, even when you no longer feel any symptoms. I believe that toning down the number of antifungals but sticking with the probiotics might work better for you. Just two good antifungals will do as long as you are taking a fairly high count of probiotics. Are you taking any antifungals or probiotics at this time, and if so, what are the antifungals and the count and strain of your probiotic?

Thanks again.