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Hi, Benji.

You’re right about the cost as far as the better probiotics are concerned. This one is refrigerated at the time of purchase, or at least it should be. The chain stores “Vitamin Shoppe” carry this as well as many independent health food stores.

The brand is Renew Life, Ultimate Flora, Critical Colon, Bifido Max, 30 Billion Probiotic 30 Veggie Caps. As I stated, I’d start with the lower count since you’ve not been on a probiotic for a while. After taking one capsule for about a week, then raising it to two capsules a day, following about ten days to two weeks of two capsules a day, you’ll run out of the 30-b count. When you run out of these you can purchase the 80 billion count capsules and start with one a day.
I would suggest that, if you’re not already taking it, you start the Molybdenum a few days prior to beginning the probiotic as the high count usually causes die-off symptoms.

Good luck, Able