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Kag, Avoid Xylitol–it affects the adherence of your good bacteria. It always slightly upset my gut and my wife’s gut(she has no health concerns)

Xylitol does have some anti-fungal activity(I’ve experienced this), but i think it does have anti-(good)bacterial activity as well. Thus making it counter productive.

Erythritol- can toy with blood insulin causing cravings, any sweetener can have that affect. Sweeteners are not recommended for people that have blood insulin issues.

Many report side effects with Erythritol: (Erythritol is the main ingredient of Truvia)

Sweeteners in general:

(When the body senses sweet it will lower insulin in preparation for glucose to be coming in. Low calorie sweeteners have no substantial glucose therefore tricking the body in thinking that there is a good amount of glucose coming into the body. So this causes the body to crave sugar/glucose to make up for the low insulin levels.)

I rarely do any kind of sweeteners any more because they seem to affect my insulin/cravings. Sweeteners make me lethargic, but some are more sensitive than others.