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Even though yucca root is an excellent prebiotic, it also contains some starch. Some of the members have written to me about experiencing a few symptoms returning after eating a few servings of cooked yucca root, so because of this, I prefer to recommend yucca root herbs in capsule form.

You can use Truvia if Stevia makes you nervous. But if you can find a stevia sweetener that contains only stevia leaf extract, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Truvia contains erythritol which doesn’t feed yeast and stevia leaf extract, which as I’ve already mentioned shouldn’t be a problem. Most of the members use Stevia or Truvia to a degree, but you really shouldn’t overeat anything that’s manmade, even if it’s on the diet.

By the way, stevia isn’t sucrose, fructose, or lactose which means it’s not a form of sugar, it’s an herb.