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Man that sucks. I had heard of people still having problems after surgery (the thought of so many antibiotics afterwards makes me cringe now!!) My ENT thought my problem was mostly allergies, while my allergist thought my allergies weren’t that bad (I think the candida is making them flare up). And I still have sinus infections.
Doctors have been the worst – prescribing antibiotics when they never work for my sinus infections. Looking at my history now, I think I have had candida issues for a while. My current doctor is pretty good – and mentioned i might have a systemic candida problem, but they are pretty useless at helping you deal with it.
I have to say any progress I have made has mostly come from alternative doctors (they told me to quit sugar, alcohol etc – my doctors would never have suggested that). I have much more faith in what they suggest, given that they take my entire health, emotional etc history into account. A friend has had good results with kinesiology for allergies (she diagnosed leaky gut and then diet remedies) and I’m trying homeopathy at the moment (which is a gentler approach – given we are already so stuffed with candida fatigue/frustration). I’ll see how it all goes.
Man good luck. That really really sucks.