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That sucks. I met a guy the other day whose entire face was swelling up due to allergies. He was having huge sinus problems.
I love food too. I love cooking as well – i’m trying to find some more good candida recipes that make me happier about it all. I feel ok until i’m around restaurants etc where pple are eating “normal” food. At least I’ll be able to appreciate it when I can eat some things again.
I had a slip the other day with potato fries/chips (i guess i was testing myself to see if candida was actually the problem) and i felt horrendous the next day – like i was getting another bad turn with my sinus infection. It’s prompted some obvious candida symptoms to return. At least I know that there’s a definite link now – interesting.
I found this book a while ago called Sinus Survival by Rob Ivker – he advocates candida diets (if you’re at risk) but also mentions some good stuff about emotional states, and things you can work on in that area. It’s pretty interesting.