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First of all, I recommend viewing this post:

What kind of yogurt are you eating?

Rice has small amounts of gluten and it might best be saved for phase 2 of the diet; buckwheat is a very good alternative and contains no gluten. Same taste almost!

I recommend checking out chicken sausage (no bad ingredients, don’t get pre-packaged kind), greek yogurt, and maybe saving the rice for rice cakes. I really like rice cakes and almond butter, however I wasn’t able to handle almond butter until phase 2 of the diet (4 months for me).

Also, check out the recipes portion of the forum for ideas; I really like the pumpkin muffin bread and the coconut bread. You can make a lemon coconut bread that is more desert like if you wanted.

Some people like kale chips and kale fries. I haven’t tried those yet.

Hope this helps!