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Yeah ive tried the pharma stuff out… how long do you take it for? I only took it for about a week, my mouth cleared up for that week but it came back just as bad as ever. They are pretty expensive too.. like $20 a tab. But still, having to do the same thing every year isnt something to look forward to, but hey if you have money to burn why not. But the toxins are still in your body and they arent doing you any good.. and they are some of the worst substances that can possibly be in the human body, is what they taught me in nutrition courses.

Fasting is tough the first time you do it, but after you do it once you will have no problem doing it again, you build a tolerance to how hard it is. The problem is that we tend to rely food for comfort, and we never really experience hunger. What fasting does is teaches you how to find your comfort zone without having to use food to get it, so in the end it makes you more efficient.

But fasting is cheap and it works well, the trick is you gotta eat lots of strawberries once your stomach is empty. You dont have to be starving to death to get benefits from it either… but the more empty your stomach is the more it will clean you out. It also helps me sleep, wake up more refreshed, think more clearly, it got rid of my althetes foot and ringworm as well too. Also im not affected my allergies as much either. The best part of it is knowing that i can cheat on my diet and get away with it by fasting afterwards.. normally bad food gets stuck in your intestines and whatnot and feeds the infection… but the lactic acid breaks down the toxins and gets rid of them. I dont even use psy husk or betonite clay anymore because i dont need it.

I think the reason why most of us are here is because of some kind of allergy that is making our livers work harder than they need to… this impairs the immune system and makes us vulnerable to infection since our body is working too hard trying to fight the allergens. Allergies dont aways mean stuffy nose either, there are all kinds of symptoms like headaches, sore throat, excessive hunger, etc. This is why i believe fasting and fruit is the best solution… the liver needs extra vitamin C to deal, and the fungus requireds strong acids to break it down properly.