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The results of your fasting routine seems appealing. However, it scares me greatly that I have to fast. I have lost more 6 pounds from March to mid June and then when I started a herbal cleanse in June, I’ve accelerated my weight-loss and from June to now, I’ve dropped another 10 pounds. My diet is not exactly an anti candida diet. I still take some vinegar and supposedly restricted carbs (including fruits, root vegetables, mushrooms etc) along with protein and greens. I figure that I cannot afford to lose more weight with a strict adherence to the candida diet. If anything, I’m eating more and my grocery bills have gone off the roof. I’m just not absorbing my food i think.

My condition has reached a point where the weight loss actually freaks me out and stresses me so much just thinking it may be cancer instead because I couldn’t get a proper diagnosis on Candida. My spouse thinks I’m delusional now and I have no support to lean on.

I train with weights and resistance and have never thought of wanting to lose weight, if anything, I wish I had another 20-40lbs on my now only 162lb frame.

Did you notice severe or rapid weight loss on the fast? That’s something I want to avoid.

On the topic, does anyone here also experience rapid weight loss when on a cleanse? I don’t know if weight loss is a symptom of die-off or not. I take a rotation of coconut oil and garlic, Dr Christopher’s Parasite cleanse and Clove oil. I also take a probiotic supplement at least few hours from my anti-fungals.