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Yeah i think a veggie fast is the way to go for adrenal exaustion (juice the veggies.. lots of broccoli), but just for a period of time to give the digestive system a break. The water fast seemed to help my adrenals at first but then they got a little worse after… but it could from the choclate i ate. But fasting is definately helpful in adrenal exaustion if you do it right, anyway that you can eliminate toxins without messing them up worse. I totally messed my fast up though.. you gotta do it either before, during, or after the 14 day veggie cleanse they talk about on the site.. otherwise it doesnt do much good in starving bad bacteria. The biggest benefit of the the fast is that you learn what your actual hunger level is, not your comfort zone hunger level… but your actual hunger level. I found it was much easier to eat smaller meals less frequenly now after i did the fast.

I just checked out a youtube video on some guy who cured his candida, and other people’s candida by eating fruit instead of meals… the way it works is by powering up your liver with vitamin c so it can overcome the candida. It makes logical sense because sometimes when i get the munchies and i eat some fruit my candida gets better for a while… the trick is you gotta eat it on an empty stomach, and he says not to eat very much food either.

This fruit diet could be our missing link to getting rid of this for good. Attack the problem by the root cause…. your liver… which needs all kinds of sources of yummy vitamin C… not just starving it with boring vegetables lol.. yes i know veggies have vitamin c but i think we probably need all kinds of sources of it. It might be part of why we crave sweets so badly.. maybe becuz we need more fruit in our system?? the guy in the vid says the fruit will bind to the toxins and remove them from your body. im pretty sure you have fruit instead of supper for about 3x a week.

Im gonna try this out, we shall see how she goes.

If it doesnt work out i can always go back to square 1 and try another 14 day cleanse, but this time do it while im doing a parasite cleanse at the same time.. that would kick some serious albicanis ass. Ill keep u posted